Reflections on video production project

After  spend an entire day running and walking around in three different Taman Tasik in order to shoot all the videos and pictures needed for the production of the video, we’d spent another day to select the right shot that we think are perfect for our project. While doing the selecting, we found out that some of the shot are not good and we think we need to shoot it again. So the next Monday , accompanied with my camera, I went to all the Taman Tasik again and shoot a few scenery again. I spent all day shooting again all the scenery. After completing the shooting task, I started doing the project right away. As I was not familiar with Adobe Premier 4 and I think it is quite easy to use Movie Maker in doing this project, so, I downloaded Movie Maker 2.6 from the internet. Well …movie maker 2.6 is easy to use but the application is quite limited as it only gives us a minimum application that we can use in movie making. So for me, what ever application in movie maker has, I used it as maximum as I can. I spend more than two weeks doing this project in terms of editing the videos file, editing the pictures file using Adobe Photoshop as I think quite difficult as I never used this application before and thanks to Encik Faizal who taught us a bit and of course searching the right songs for the project. Thanks a lot to some of the group members who also worked so hard in order to complete this video project. Alhamdullillah, we managed to finish the project early and don’t have to sacrifice our sleep at all but we did spend some nights in a few cafe around Bangi as I’m staying in KL and  there were few discussion that need to be carry out. As for me, the knowledge that I gain while doing this project is priceless as I never learnt on how to produce a video before and surprisingly I managed to produce one though just a basic and simple one. I hope this knowledge can be use in the future if I want to produce an interesting teaching aids for my teaching. Thank You to Dr. Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Pn Hazrati, Encik Yusof and Encik Faizal for the all the knowledge and efforts given.

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10th week reflections ( workshop on Sunday)

The workshop on video production continue today.Encik Helmi started the  workshop. He installed  Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 into our laptop as some of the computers in the lab were not installed with this programme. For this morning slot, we were taught on how to produce a video using the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. This programme a bit advance compared to Movie Maker programme. In this programme we can edit audio as well . For the beginning it seems easy to use the programme but the more I learnt, it became difficult especially at editing audio and adding voice. I struggle a bit in order to follow Encik Helmi instructions but he was really good and patience enough to guide us through the learning process until we became fully understood.

For the afternoon slot, we were asked to complete our storyboard and started produce our video. We managed to complete our storyboard and downloaded all the vidoes and pictures from the camera to our laptop. For me, this workshop had helped me a lot especially in the process of completing our video project. I’m so thankfull to Dr Rosseni, Encik Helmi, Encik Faizal, Encik Yusuf and Pn Hazrati for sharing all the knowledge with me and my classmate too. With this knowledge, I feel confidence and help me a lot in order to produce teaching aids  using the latest technology. This past two days, I gained a lot of information about the latest technology that ca be use in class. I’m sure I will use all this knowledge in my class when I ‘m back to school.

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9th week reflections( Workshop on Saturday)

This week we had a workshop on video production. For the first slot we we learnt about Photoshop. We can use this application for editing pictures. Encik Faisal showed us on how to use this application for making a banner for our Blog. He was very patience as most of us never use this application before. As for me, I never used Photoshop though I’d learnt the theories a few years ago. It was very interesting as we can edit photos easily. Below is the banner that I was able to produce using the Photoshop application.

After lunch, Encik Helmi taught us on how to produce a video using a Movie Maker Application. He showed the example of a video and used that video as reference for the workshop. For me, Movie Maker Application is simple, easy to use and user friendly especially to those who didn’t have knowledge about on how to produce a video. I was so happy to have a chance to learn this application because it will help me to produce interesting and up to date teaching aids that I can use in my teaching and learning activities with my students.

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8th week reflections

This week we went to Putrajaya and here we were able to hands on shooting photographs and videos.The first location was the Treasury Building. Here we were taught by Encik Faisal on how to use the DSLR camera and theories about photography shooting. It was very interesting because all this while I never got any chance to learn about photography. The knowlegde are very useful as I can use it when I want to shoot photographs.I was very excited as I was able to practice shoot a few photographs using the knowledge that I just learnt.. Next we went to Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin and Encik Faisal asked us to practice using the camera and Encik Helmi showed us how to get information about some places using the Ipad.The trip was excellent as we managed to shoot videos for our project .  Some of the photos taken at the Putrajaya.


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7th week reflections

This week lecture was about the production of the video project.First, Encik Helmi showed us on how to handle the videocam because next week we are suppose to go to Putrajaya and shoot videos for our project.He talked about different types of angles that can we use when shooting a photograph or videos, the usage of boundering

game.This is important because it will distinguishes the needs of all the shots. When we shoot, we may consider  the main shot and the best shots. The pictures are not supposed to be centred. It can be taken from different perspectives and angles. Encik Helmi talked about making mobile tag. Below is our mobile tag based on our URL. please scan to see whether the URL to our page is available or not. We’ll put this to our business card. This is the generator  page >> << We can use keywords such as URL, phone number, SMS, and text to generate the code.


This our actual QR barcode. You will get directed to our URL as soon as you scan the bar. Why don’t we try and check it out? Encik Helmi  taught us about the usage of :~Junaio ~Layar, ~Wikitude. Its use for location baseand it will gives information about locations and thumbnails. By using~Junaio ~Layar, ~Wikitude, it will reduces the time to browse the place,and to search information available in the application.There’s a tutorial on how to edit video using Windows Movie Maker. but the software is rather limited. We were exposed to video editing as well for example on how to add mood to the video such as Sepia, Black & White, adding the title- caption , the timing and the transition. It was very interesting lectured but there are so much information that I needed to digest it slowly into my brain. With this new knowledge, I hope Iwill be able to do my video project excellently.


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6th week Reflections

Since the lecture was cancelled today, our group had decided to shoot vidoes and pictures for our project. First we went to Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. The weather was good , bright and sunny….we managed to shoot a few awesome spots and took a lots of good pictures that we think suitable for our project. We spend almost one hour here and we felt so tired because we had to walk around the lake. As this is the first time for all of us using the camera so we faced a few difficulities handling it. The camera is quite heavy for us.Next, we went to Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur but unfortunately the camera was almost out of battery so we decided not to shoot any video and picture there and planned to come again another time.So,we proceed to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras. We managed to shoot a few attractive spots and we had to use our camera phones as well as the camera was totally out of battery after a few shots were taken. We had a good day today as we managed to complete at least 50% of the project. Though we were very tired, at least we enjoyed ourselves very much. Some of the pictures taken….

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5th week reflections

There was a communication broke down occurred this morning as I got some information that there will be no lectures today but there will be a tutorial at 11.00 am. But at 10.00 o’clock sharp I got 1 sms from my classmate stated there is a lectures today but computer lab 3. As it takes at least 40 minutes journey from my house to UKM, so I missed the lectures and came exactly 11.00 sharp. Though I was very late, I managed to grasp a bit of information about today’s lectures about scripting and storyboarding. Today we were asked to plan a website design .We need to  produce it using  a paper  prototyping as a sketch for the website. As we were asked  to produce a website for our video project with a theme of tourism, our group had decided to focus on interesting and attractive places that are suitable for photo shoot that are available in the garden around Klang Valley. We were given a board, sticky papers with different colours, magic colours and A4 papers  and were asks to come up with a frontpage of our website. In 1 hour we managed to complete our prototyping website and present it to the class.

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